Shoba Narayan



“Inarguably the night's most impressive performance, Shoba Narayan brings chills as Eliza Hamilton. She shows in the second act an unmatched strength and emotional control, selling the musical's most difficult moments. “  Des Moines Register


“Shoba Narayan is the standout as Hamilton’s long-suffering wife, Eliza. She balances the role’s demands impressively – even when she’s angry at her husband, her love for him shines through – and Narayan’s subtle delivery and gorgeous voice help turn the musical’s final moment into a feat of theatrical magic.” - The Orange County Register

“As for the ladies of this touring “Hamilton,” THE standout is Shoba Narayan as Eliza Schuyler, who becomes Alexander’s adoring — and fearful — wife. Her voice, on full display in numbers that include “Take a Break,” “Burn” and “The Schuyler Sisters,” simply is sublime. It is equally impressive when she goes big or small, her warm voice pulling you along with it.” - The News Herald


“But by far the best vocal performance of the night was Shoba Narayan as Eliza Hamilton. The quality of her voice has a depth to it, beyond her impressive range, that is simply captivating.”- Deseret News

“Eliza (Shoba Narayan) and Peggy (Nyla Sostre, who also plays the wanton woman, Maria Reynolds) had some pipes man. But it is Narayan’s Eliza, jilted after, well, some stuff happens, who once again dropped my jaw with her performance of “Burn.” Salt Lake Magazine

“Narayan nailed her performance on “Helpless,” “Burn” was tremendous, and her work with Morales on “That Would be Enough” showcased a real tenderness.”  The Spokesman Review

“Shoba Narayan--Eliza Hamilton (Natasha in, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812) is earnest, loyal, fierce perfection.” - Seattle Magazine